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Take a look at a few of our KPIs below.

Performance KPI's

By consistently collecting data from past and current clients, we have come up with various statistics to highlight how our agents perform, and how our technology augments existing support efforts and improves overall efficiency.

Measuring queries that are
fully resolved in a chatbot:


average chatbot
containment rate

After implementing our software,
clients noted on average a:


Decrease in average
handle time (AHT)

2x more survey responses
relative to industry standard


of total customers
fill out after call surveys

Agent KPI's

Our agents are highly motivated and eager to help. Through our competitive compensation packages, focus on employee engagement, and our quick response to team feedback, our agents know that we trust them, and that we do everything we can to empower them help customers. 

Based on standard NPS
systems, we note a:


average customer
satisfaction rate

Our agents consistently
stay with us for longer


attrition rate, less than
half of US average

Customer Service Case Studies

Looking for specific examples of how our teams have improved customer experiences through different services?  Get access to our case studies, by filling out the form on the right. Case study options include:

  • Email and phone support for a Top 100 Global Apparel Manufacturer and Retailer
  • Technical support, chatbot, and distribution for a Global Computing Company
  • Outbound services for a refining company to generate new customers
  • Use of AI to automate simple tasks, optimize operations, and generate product interest

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