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Issue #29, May 21, 2018
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Market insights, trends and news about customer experience, BPO, and call centers.
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Short week since our last issue, but we’re back! Lots of great articles, and a lot of new bots, in particularly, one to help you check if you need to change your company’s data policy, before you get fined by the EU. Let’s jump in!

Alexa and Siri Can Hear This Hidden Command. You Can’t.

With the proliferation of voice bots, there is an increasing risk of vulnerability exploits to them. This article explores how hackers can specifically target these bots by sending vocal commands that could be heard by AI, but not by humans, to potentially cause the devices to take actions such as unlock doors, open risky webpages, and more. Definitely something to keep top-of-mind for consumers, and how you’re designing your voice bots (quick tip: 2-factor authentication for voice purchases).

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Inside Shanghai’s robot bank: China opens world’s first human-free branch

It’s interesting to see the world’s most populous country is embracing greater technologies to automate daily tasks that could otherwise provide jobs. On the other hand, we can see how it’d be easier to jump into AI, as there are less legacy obstacles in place to prevent adoption of the latest technologies and experiences. The Chinese Construction Bank in China has recently created their first human-free branch (although the name is a bit of a misnomer, a human security guard comes out to check if one of the many cameras spots you doing something questionable) to provide all branch services via robots. Someone test it out and let us know how the experience was!

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Embracing AI and Automation Can Make Your Job Better

A quick article on the different domains AI can help improve your efficiency across different job functions, including marketing, programming, sales, and HR! It discusses not only the experience for consumers, but also for the people involved in managing the tasks. From simply pre-qualifying loan applications for underwriters by pulling in public data, to improving development team’s workflows, AI-assisted work is more prevalent than ever. AI may be difficult to initially implement, but could easily provide a positive ROI in a few months.

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Convergys Is in Talks With Several Potential Buyers

Convergys’s CEO, Andrea Ayers has recently stepped down, and as a result, has kicked off a sales process. There is no guarantee of a deal, but as one of the largest players in the BPO space, this news is certain to make waves. Convergys operates 136 call centers, and is currently worth over $2B in the stock market. Reported interested parties include industry rivals and private-equity firms.

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Thai stockmarket to launch chatbot on Facebook Messenger

A very short article – during the Money Expo in Bangkok between May 10th and 13th, the Stock Exchange of Thailand will be releasing a Facebook bot to help investors make investment-related queries, access knowledge, and check their financial planning. From what it sounds like, this bot could be one of the most in-depth in providing knowledge, with deep integrations to tools from the SET. I’ve tried using it (type “setbot” in Messenger), but unfortunately have some trouble with understanding Thai – if anybody can test it out, let me know!

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Talking up travel Industry ‘chatbots’

This explores the evolution of travel-based chatbots, and the writer has mapped the advancement and improvement of some travel bots. According to Facebook Product Manager, Itai Leibowitz, bots are taking over more of the travel experience. KLM’s Royal Dutch Airlines chatbot currently delivers 15% of boarding passes through Messenger! Apparently Skyscanner’s chatbot has also improved throughout the years, with upgrades made to its NLP module, although it still has some ways to go.

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Will the EU’s tough new data law impact your business? Ask this bot

A triple-threat to discuss customer experience, chatbot and automation, and the EU’s new data laws! This article focuses on a chatbot released by international law firm Norton Rose Fulbright, to help you figure out if new data laws will impact your business. It essentially walks you through a questionnaire, and evaluates risk of being fined by the new law, based on your response. Everybody loves less legal fees! And I suppose even lawyers prefer less basic information gathering work.

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3 ways online video is changing what it means to be a sports fan

A little strange to feature this article here, but essentially, it focuses on the change of how sport fans are consuming content. Sport video consumption on YouTube has risen dramatically, and now 80% of fans use other screens while watching sports. Another confirmation of how consumers are expecting an omnichannel experience not only in support avenues, but in content consumption as well.

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