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Issue #12, November 10, 2017
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Sorry for the long list of articles this week! There’s just too much interesting stuff going on – from self-replicating AI, to easy setup chatbots, to a quick look at Comcast’s customer service improvements, and JetBlue’s data silos – this is a great week for call center content! We’ve also been getting contacted by businesses that need a last minute boost to their customer support capabilities before the major shopping season, so if you think you can’t handle the coming flood of customer interactions, reach out! We could get you setup just in time!
Building AI That Can Build AI

The great AI wars are on us, and there is a severe lack of talent! This article discusses how the lack of AI experts led to Google’s development of tools to help develop AI, including algorithms that can develop simpler AI algorithms (named AutoML – short for Machine Learning). Besides for the benefit of humanity, Google hopes that by supporting the AI ecosystem, it will accelerate their own efforts as well. This is great for businesses, that may not want to invest to develop their own AI, but can leverage free or paid-tools to improve their own capabilities. According to the article, there are no more than a few thousand companies that have the right talent for building AI. Remember though, before even considering implementing AI into your processes, your business needs to be digitized, with clean, organized data in the first place.

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You’ll Never Be Alone Again With This One Weird Chatbot Trick

We have mentioned this bot previously, but this article focuses on the chatbot, Replika, which was developed to allow you to create and train a chatbot to be your constant companion. The brainchild of Eugenia Kuyda, she came up with the idea when her friend passed away from a car crash, and all she had left was his texts and digital impressions. What started as a Black Mirror-esque personal project to memorialize a friend has quickly become a tool thousands of people are flocking to use. People seem to be drawn to the bot for judgement-free attention. Will this reduce our capability to honestly connect with real people? Who knows, only time will tell.

What we can say is that creating a chatbot for businesses are similar. You provide it with a basic personality, you train it to be able to do specific tasks and react appropriately, and you optimize it over time. Interested in seeing the savings a chatbot can bring, or how it can improve your customer service processes? Reach out here!

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Cisco’s enterprise AI assistant strategy starts with this $55,000 whiteboard

Think meetings are a waste of time? Cisco, along with Microsoft and various other tech companies are looking to reduce lost time in meetings by providing AI tools in meeting rooms. Cisco’s board currently focuses on connecting to Cisco endpoints, starting and ending meetings, and making calls. In the future, features aim to recognize participants through facial recognition, take notes, record meetings, confirm attendance, and more, to reduce the load that goes into managing a meeting, rather than focusing on the topic of discussion.

One of AI’s primary objectives is to make life easier, and save time for its users. I would personally love to have everybody in a meeting participating, instead of taking notes, or getting sidetracked.

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NoHold lets companies turn manuals into Google Assistant voice apps

NoHold, a company that helps create customer service startups recently launched a product to turn any manual into a Google Assistant chatbot. According to the article, you can feed documents like a manual or FAQ into the NoHold product, QuickStart, and it will create a bot that can answer questions about the contents of the file. You can then connect the chatbot to Google Assistant as well. According to the CEO, Diego Ventura, he believes this could help create virtual assistants for people to create assistants that coworkers can ask questions to while they are away on vacation.

A simple way to start a chatbot is great – that being said, we believe that for great brand experiences, you need to work with people that know your company, and have the data to support how a chatbot is being built! I will say though, the idea of being able to go on vacation and get constant emails, or coming back to a list of hundreds of emails would be nice…

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Will AI change the Customer Experience forever?

Taking a much more positive spin at AI and automation, this article focuses on the good that can come with AI. In particular, the author focuses on these points:

  • Self-Service will become easier & more accessible
  • Customers will have a more personalized experience
  • The role of the customer service agent will be redefined

Having implemented many chatbots in the past, and worked with our customer service teams, it’s very true that chatbots are changing the role of customer service representative, often for the better. Now, instead of doing only step-and-repeat tasks, that can often become tedious, our representatives are tasked with understanding our clients’ products, and services, and finding the best solution for the customer based on our representatives own understanding. As such, our agents are taking a greater interest in their tasks, first call resolutions have increased, as well as job satisfaction! Want to learn more? Contact us here!

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How Comcast (Yes, Comcast) Has Been Working To Transform Its Customer Service Experience

Through a brief interview, Tom Karinshak, Comcast’s EVP of Customer Service shares some new initiatives focused on revamping one of America’s worst services by reputations. Apparently, gone are the 3-hour windows for technicians to arrive. Karinshak also mentions an OmniChannel approach that allows teams to respond to across all channels, traditional or social, which has apparently handled over 732,000 interactions in the first half of 2017. Looks like even Comcast can’t escape the OmniChannel expectations from customers. Experienced this change first-hand? Shoot us a note with your thoughts!

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Inside JetBlue’s Silo-Busting Customer 360 Initiative

Everybody has trouble with useful data it seems. In this article, we take a deep dive into JetBlue’s data structure, and how in their pursuit of providing great customer experiences, they busted up the traditional data storage silos within their company, in order to provide their customer support teams a 360 view of the customer. Specifically, this article talks about the investment they made 4 years ago, to have all the systems connect into a single customer data system, so that there would no longer be any inconsistencies between booking, flight tracking, app data, website data, and more. The article claims that while some industries like healthcare have an easier time connecting pieces of information to a single customer, based on essential data such as Social Security Numbers, airlines can’t ask for information like that, which makes it difficult.

A lot of clients have similar problems, and we also provide a live demo of our system that allows us to recognize a customer after they have contacted us for the first time on a channel. We are currently in the works to record a demo of how our OmniChannel call center solution could work to bring emails, texts, calls, chats, in-app messaging, social media messengers, all into one roof, while connected to a CRM for improved customer recognition. Interested? Reach out!

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Curated from Sacramento by Tom Coshow and the transcosmos OmniConnect team.


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