Interested in evaluating the current state of your customer experience process? Are you truly placing your customers first, and making sure that you are treating them with the value and importance they deserve? Here are a couple questions to get you started in evaluating your customer support efforts.

For CEO's:

  • Do you have cross-departmental meetings where you review customer feedback with your executive team?
  • Do you proactively meet with your customers at least once a quarter?
  • Do you understand and consistently communicate the profile of your best customers?
  • Do you have first-hand knowledge of your customers' experience from start to finish?

For Customer Service members:

  • Do you conduct customer exit interviews?
  • Have you interviewed clients about the start-up process?
  • Do you routinely organize and provide product feedback and share it across departments?

Opinion Poll

Vision on how to implement a customer-focused business has always been approached differently by leaders. There have been leaders who always gave the customer what they wanted. There have been leaders who famously ignored everything the customer said they wanted, and gave customers what they thought the customers really needed.

Below is a real life example of a leader who focused on the customers, as well as a poll to see what you, and others like you, think of how these leaders approached the customer experience.

Ron Johnson created the Apple retail stores and was widely praised as a genius. He built stores that perfectly fit the customer base. They were modern in design, clean and sharp like the products and they even had a Genius Bar which was just perfect for Apple users. The workers dressed in t-shirts and took payment on an iPod. Ron must really be the type of business person that has great customer focus.

Then he became the CEO of JCPenny and started to bring changes to that organization. He modernized the stores and took away that tacky habit of having a sale everyday. The only problem was the customers of JCPenny preferred a bargain and a coupon program to hardwood floors. Now Ron is gone and at JCPenny’s headquarters they refer to many of the management team Ron brought over as ‘Bad Apples’.

So my question to you is…

Does Ron Johnson have great customer focus, or terrible customer focus?


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