The fundamental concept of transcosmos’ business lies in uniting people and technology to offer high-valued services. With our headquarters in Japan, and our US offices in the tech capital of the world, we combine a tradition of excellent service with the newest innovations to build on our company’s founding ideals. With that in mind, our management philosophy is that:

“Client satisfaction is the true value of our company, and the growth of each of
our employees
creates the value that shapes our future.”

Customer First

In the foundations of our company, our first and foremost priority is to provide great experiences to customers. Over the course of 50 years, transcosmos has managed trillions of customer engagements across all channels around the world. We know how to best resolve a customer question efficiently, in a way that makes them feel cared for. We design the full customer experience with a thorough understanding of the customer mindset.

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Agent Up

As one of the main building blocks to achieve customer satisfaction, we follow a management philosophy of "Frontline Empowerment". Our support teams are constantly on the frontlines, engaging with customers. They are our most important resource, and have the best insight into what customers expect and want. We provide the training and tools for agents to make experiential suggestions, discuss ways to improve QA and efficiency, and be in charge of their own destiny.

All our agents have earned our trust, and are responsible for the customers they talk to. We believe that each interaction with a customer is a "Moment of Truth" that has the potential to either give customers a negative impression, or can turn a first-time customer into a long-time brand ambassador, and our agents never disappoint.



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Artificial Intelligence

The last block of transcosmos' foundation comprises of our technology. Instead of relying on tech, we leverage the latest AI tools to enhance our agents' abilities to increase overall speed, reduce cost, and drastically improve the customer experience. We know exactly when, where, and how to train AI systems, which is key to implementation and continued success, as well as continuously improve processes and empower agents to do more. Take a look at some of our statistics from our insights page!



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